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    Few home owners pay attention to what happens to the old structure when getting ready to build or renovate, whether it’s the entire house or a portion to be remodeled. Understandably, families focus on the negative features of the existing structure rather than its value. But there is great value in old homes and OBI Deconstruction can salvage up to 85% of your old house. We will reuse building materials and prevent their demise in a landfill and provide you with a tax donation.

    OBI Deconstruction is a leading deconstruction contractor in the Chicagoland area. We have over 30 years of experience. See what we can do for you today. Browse our website and decide for yourself why deconstruction is a greener and often less expensive option than demolition. Make sure to contact us and we’ll give you a free quote. Call us at (312) 607-1528


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